long range radios

  Long range radio control


Wireless Control Selection

Industrial wireless monitoring and control, 10 Miles (16km) line of sight  



10 Miles ( 16 km ) line of sight w Hi-Gain antenna
  2 Miles (3km) Portable units
Encoded 16 bits with 65,536 codes

Simple DIP switch programming setup
System is Solar Ready, 12VDC operation
Unlimited transmitter and receivers can be added
COMPLIANCE: per FCC Part 15.249,  50mV/m @ 3m
Circuit board Compliance with UL796 and UL 94
MIL-STD-461E for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)
MIL-STD-901D Grade A for High Impact Shock
MIL-STD-167B for Vibration

Transmitter: Base Dry Contact  or  Handheld Code
 Portable Transmitter 128 Codes each up to 8 Channels
 Receiver Output  SPDT relay 6Amp, 32 VDC, 240VAC Class 2
 Operation frequency: 154 MHz digital encoded, MURS band
 Operating Temperature: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)
12 x 10 x 6 in. /
300 x 255 x 150 mm
 Operation voltage: 12VDC or 120/240VAC
 Power: Transmitter standby >0.001 mA, energized 2A (1 Sec.),
Short pulse transmission comply MIL standard
Power draw: Receiver standby 30mA, energized 120mA
 Antenna 50 ohm,    

 DISCLAIMER:    Contact a licensed professional for your project.   Warning: Radio control equipment is not to be used in life safety

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